Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

GREENHEART phones!(sony ericsson)

have you ever heard that before guys?? fuh! aku pon tak pernah dengar! tapi after aku survey kedai phone kat mall semalam and i found out that ade phone yang so green!! i bought it last night ( GREEN HEART PHONE)sebab i got no phone to use !*actually ade!but yang the cikai one,sampai nak mesej pon need to wait lame giler!

then??what is so green about this kind of phones? kalau korang nak tahu Sony Ericson are very committed to helping us make greener choices for life by offerring great products with a low environment impact!! wow!!that's awesome right!

this is Sony Ericsson J10 and it's SOoo Green!! 

for your information, phone nih ade satu application called " Eco-mate"!! once again...what is sooooo good about it??

Eco-mate walk application :Helps us make a greener choice by showing CO2  reduction you achieve by walking instead of driving the same distance by car!!

recycle phone??? Yup!! thats right! if dont believe me?? just click this

p/s : cool yaaa!!